Product Design
Cooperation Project

"GRID" is a cooperation project with the renowned swiss furniture manufacturer USM Haller. Based on the new Haller-E furniture system, we have developed a shop concept for beer or other beverages. For this purpose we worked together with another partner. lillebräu is a young, modern brewery from Kiel, Germany.

The concept basically consists of beer tap modules and a customizable tiled wall. Both are perfectly integrated into the Haller-E system.

The Haller-E System

The furniture, either completely or partially equipped with e-balls and e-tubes, is connected to an electricity source. The structure itself conducts the low voltage electricity to the desired location using the e-balls, e-connectors and e-tubes in the furniture.¹

Tiled Wall

By adjusting the angle of the tiles you have full control over your highlighted parts. With the changeable magnetic foil you have the freedom to display any kind of graphics or information to fit perfectly the brand identity.

Even small objects like ingredients can be presented. Anodized aluminium is used on the back for getting diffuse light reflections. The setup process is kept very simple and suited for popup stores but also classic shops.

Beer Tap Station

The beer tap station offers a customer experience you usually miss in conventional stores. Users can try the different beer types and get a quick overview of the assortment. Due to the modularity you can add as many kinds as needed. With the glasses above and the warm and soft light of the bulbs, kind of a pub atmosphere is created.

Product design 3

Nicole Häring
Max Barthel

3rd semester

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