Product Design
"products for the new old"

Based on current demographic developments and assuming that technical and scientific innovations will improve, while life expectancy and state of health of older people will be better, I have designed an electric vehicle powered by modern and highly efficient fuel cells. It enables emission-free, simple and efficient mobility in urban areas and at the same time offers a sporty driving experience with guaranteed fun. Equipped with a practical, detachable bag and a folding mechanism, it is the perfect companion in everyday life and also offers support for daily tasks like shopping.


Due to globalization, urbanization and the current demographic developments, there is a growing requirement for mobility in urban areas. Conditioned by a decreasing birth rate and increasing life expectancy the percentage of older people in western countries is increasing. At the same time environmental pollution and resource consumption caused by automobile traffic have irrevocable consequences for humanity and the environment, regardless of the fact that the majority of road users sit alone in their cars. Mobility is a human right and an central prerequisite for the functioning and development of any society.


Product Design 2

Christoph Bender

Max Barthel

2nd semester