Basic Studies
3rd semester

The aim of the study was to deepen theories on product semantics, such as initially the so-called "Offenbacher Ansatz", through practical exercises and to test them for their transferability into design practice in an exemplary manner.
At the beginning of the project, we first researched the existing product world and collected these results in order to cluster them later.


At the beginning of the project after some research on control elements
I categorized all different types of control elements. Firstly by their amount of options. For the ones with just two options (for example on/off) the subcategories are switch, rotate, push/press, pull and slide. For the multi-optional elements the first separation is between selection and regulation. The regulation elements are separated again by continuous and in steps. The last layer for alle the mulit-optional element consists of switch, rotate and slide. Except one: the continuous rotating element is finally again separated in one-directional or multi-directional.

Selected categories

1. rotating selection

2. rotating regulation (continious)

3. sliding regulation (continious)

3-dimensional design

Matthias Held

Max Barthel

3rd semester